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About Us

Therr for Business is your go-to resource for location marketing and branding. We help you connect with local consumers, drive more sales, and ensure repeat customers.

Go Therr and connect with us today at info@therr.com

If you manage a marketing agency, ask for more details about our white label marketing dashboard.

What We Do

Expertise in Local Business Analytics

4 out of 5 consumers want ads customized to their city, zip code, and area. We make it happen and ensure that customers find you first when searching for nearby businesses. We work with every industry from food services & event venues to national franchises.
Location Analytics

We provide optimal location metrics with high accuracy and details that most providers lack.

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We provide all the communication channels to manage and reach your customers 

Use our marketing, metrics, and CRM dashboard as a white-label with your own branding and logo.

The Story Behind Therr

We built an innovative Social Network

Then we realized the potential for building relationships between customers and local businesses.

Frictionless Collaboration

Local businesses can seamlessly incentivize users to promote their brand and develop customer relations at the same time.

Built on Trust

Transparency creates local networks built on trust. We believe in a future where social networks are authentic and genuine.

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Company Story

A Unique Story about Therr App

There are many paths to forming a company. Ours was uniquely focused and guided by the unpredictable events that occurred during our earliest development.

Therr for Business tech development and consulting
Therr app was bootstrapped by innovative developers

The pandemic was a huge setback for everybody, but we kept building while the economy recovered. We noticed a trend of local restaurants facing tough challenges with reaching customers.


You have to start somewhere. We initially planned on building a PokemonGo for local musicians but shifted focus to local food & culture.

Therr for Business working together

We realized the potential to become something bigger and re-envisioned our business model. Now we have a full featured, local-first social network with rapidly growing influencer engagement.


We built out the business and expanded into location marketing and local business marketing with rich user analytics.